Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Time to Plan for Long-Term Care is Now!

When it comes to long-term care it is better to plan sooner rather than later. The reason is, is that your age and health are the major factors in determining the cost of your long-term care insurance policy as well as your eligibility. The younger and healthier you are the more more affordable it will be and more likely you will qualify for coverage. Most long-term care insurance carriers do not insure past the age of 80, there are very few that will insure up to age 85. In addition, it can be very difficult to get long-term care insurance from any carrier if you have had a health issue or disability that could cause you to be uninsurable.

Also, a long-term care insurance policy isn't always necessarily for the future, it could also help protect too you today. Younger people also do have accidents or illnesses and by owning a LTC Insurance policy it would provide you with coverage to help pay for the cost of your care.

As you can see there is an importance of buying long-term care insurance sooner rather than later. To get quotes and more information visit http://www.ltcsolutions.net/ltc.htm

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